Thursday, July 30, 2009

Diigo - This looks awesome!

Raw notes
Session 6A - Diigo
Backchannel -
Dr. Wade Ren, Chairman and Founder of Diigo

Diigo tutorials
Educator's Overview of Diigo
YouTube - Diigo Social Bookmarking
Importing tags bookmarks to Diigo tutorial
Diigo Help Center

Pressing need for change in education, and change is more readily available than ever before. Sneak peek at Diigo 4.0 release in 2 weeks.
  • designed for knowledge workers, suprised at educator enthusiasmideally suited for 21st century learning (Diigo in education: active/collaborative reading and research)
  • follow on session Thurs 4:30-5:30 Charles River Room/ Fri 11:30 - 12:30 Beacon Hill (building learning communities with Diigo)
Lots of recommendations from educational organizations including ALA. Good educator comments. Creates a personal workflow. Turns reading and research into social activity for students.

Diigo is about:
  • Research
  • Share
  • Collaborate
Good as personal tool, but rich social aspect. Knowledge sharing community.
  • collect
  • process
  • organize
  • evaluate
  • present
  • bookmarks
  • highlight and sticky note
Diigo bookmarks - not your good old bookmarks
Using Diigo toolbar click bookmark w/ privacy settings, description, tags, snashot, twitter, add to a list. Bookmark goes to "my library" and is searchable by tags, easily organized by rich tagging functionalities. Tag searching has auto-suggest to make searching quick. Also shows related tags. Tagged items also have RSS output so you can subscribe to someone's book mark tags. Follow leaders in the field. Archives and takes snapshot of page so if URL goes bad you still have that page snapshot.You can upload pages from proprietary sources. Can search by snapshot.

My Lists - private or public for collaboration. Can Twitter lists too.
Dragging/dropping generates links into clean report.
Can play as slide show called webslides > plays webpages as slideshow. slideshow can include sticky notes.

Highlight & Sticky Notes
  • highlight pen for text and images. They go to My Library .
  • Sticky note #1 attached to highlight. Note can be private or public, group specific notes
  • Sticky note#2 floating reminders (ex. password info)
  • sharing annotated link - gives url so anyone can open page with your axact annotattion. Don't need Diigo add ons. Receiver can sign in and add annotations, or url can be Twittered or emailed to unlimited audience.
Overview of capabilities:
  • Active reading
  • organize, archive and search
  • share, report, present
  • anywhere
  • iPhone app coming
Sharing - as in networked sharing/learning, building learning communities and building personal learning network - social networking
My Library > Popular > popular resources on your chosen topic. Quick path to top resources, more efficient than Google, tells you who the people are who are bookmarking this topic so you can identify gurus in this field and then follow them via RSS, as well as groups that are interested in your topic. Valenza mentioned library groups to join. You can invite people to join/create a discussion on your topic. COOL.

Building Personal Learning Network w/ Diigo 4.0
  • find people creating great stuff and follow. Richer info than Twitter, no text limit. Create threaded discussion.
Collaboration > Bookmarks > Topics
  • collaborate reading & research
  • group knowledge repository
Bookmark & Topic functions
Bookmark all group links w/ highlights and sticky notes for group use. Intentonal sharing, less intrusive than emailing links. Could be used as background knowledge for team. Group can comment, use or archive. Manages collected research effort of the group.

Group specific sticky notes for threaded discussion.

Diigo Educator Accounts
Once approved as educator you can create student accounts without student emails. Can upload roster list.
No profiles for students under 13. Only education related ads. Hoping to create dedicated school environment on Diigo. Seeking feedback.

Diigo in Education
Active Reading
  • personal tool
  • teacher-led q & a
  • discussion using sticky notes
Tools for teachers
  • comment on original work
  • critique student writing
  • web quests
  • project-based
  • class-based

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