Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Research 2.0 - Smack Down

Raw notes
Session #3
Dr. Joyce Valenza - Research 2.0
What does research look like in this new universe?
  • YoLink - FREE browser plug-in for digging deep into links and ebooks. Goes in every link highlighting keywords. Enables you to dig deep into Google results. Using for ebooks, can search keywords. Collaborative save & share function. Partnered with EasyBib. Can share links and folders vie FB and many other social networks. Secondary search tool for databases. Crosses over to NAtional Archives. Browser based can use it anywhere. Company based in Concord!! District-wide deployments!! Get Kathy
  • Google Custom Search Engine - can pre-search as a beginning pathfinder referencing digital information and embed search into wiki. Can send link to teacher, update, very dynamic and collaborative. Can add to Google homepage.
  • Valenza's NewTools Wiki - pay attention to parent letter at bottom of page. LOTS of useful links.
  • Valenza's Revised Docs Supporting Intellectual Freedom for Young People
  • Valenza's Polling Tools
  • Diigo 4.o - bookmarking, higlighting, sticky notes. Relies on Diigo toolbar. Diigo Groups - follow bookmarks. Can be emailed or shows up on Diigo page. Helps w/ Activ reading process. Can create research notebook. PLAY WITH THIS LATER! Maybe for Jessica Murphy's workshop? Try to find teacher-librarian group. Look up joycevalenza. New version presented tomorrow (Thursday) 11:30. Free educator account. Works with PDfs.
  • Valenza's Copyright Friendly Resources Look at FlickrStorm - creates tray with tons of images with creative commons license and get URL for tray. FlickrccBlueMountain, Compfight - great images.
  • Creative
  • Google Timeline
  • TimeSpace - current event
  • Valenza's Search Tools - OMG! The Holy Grail of search tools!

Digital Footprint - Student Awareness
Pipl - comprehensive semantic people search on the web searching the deep web. Students need to be aware of their digital footprint.
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