Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Interacting with the 21st Century Learner

Raw notes

Session #1
- Dr. Joyce Valenza
School Library Websites: Interacting with the 21st Century Learner - What Does Effective Practice Look Like Now

What is the next iteration of school libraries? Vision for the future of libraries. Libraries were places where you "get stuff" like a grocery store. Now it is more of a kitchen when there is loves, community, belonging. Transformational rather than transactional.

Make, taste, smell, collaborate, create, invent, make a big mess when called for, share. Library as a bowl, pots and pans. Our collection are tools that allow learners to make and do stuff, and students contribute what they make to the collection. LIBRATORY -active place.

Infinite possibilities. Web 2.0 = IF (Intellectual Freedom) unblock the things our learners need to learn. Our mission in upcoming years. This is our job. *CCHS does not face this challenge.

Reading 2.0 - Anita Beaman & Amy Oberts - wiki on reading in the 2.0 world - suggestions/ideas
  • digital photo frames with reading lists (or ActivBoard)
  • advertise books on screen savers
  • stickies with author websites/blogs/music playlist from authors - stick them into best books
  • Buffy Hamilton - The Unquiet Library
  • de.lici.ous bookmarks to expand opportunity for understanding required reading (like 3 Cups of tea - Sharia law, education in Afghanistan)
  • Let kids create posters to get students to return books
  • How would kids advertise "One School One Book"? Students develop READ campaign.
  • International Children's Digital Library
  • Valenza's book page
  • Google Books - create a booklist for library with classics available online. Embedable. Hundred of out-of-copyright boos. Can link and dput on iPhones.
  • Can embed book widget (Random House - updated website) GRAB CODE and embed
  • READ poster - 4 free from ALA w/ mage generator
  • eBook search - free federated searcg ebook widget
  • create book widgets for titles regularly used in booktalks
  • Glogs for book reviews/booktalks. Bring in book trailers with widgets for video/media. Good for student projects - develop design skills that can be shared. Can grab entire thing as a widget and embed the whole glog.
  • PaperbackSwap - free swap, good for reading list books - use temproary cataloging so you can swap put your old books. Bargain hunting - use swap books that are hanging around.
  • GoogleDocs surveys for material selection form and embed in various location. Lots of pretty templates.
  • Ning - One School One Book - include trailers, music, kids can produce promotional material including student related productions. READ carpet event at local movie theater?
  • Skype an Author - free or low cost author visits. Record and share. Lots of authors are happy to do this. Quick conversations.
Research 2.0
  • Consortia pulling together great speakers. (Ex 3 Cups - Afghanistan women's rights speaker - use back channel for group Skype style presentations.)
  • Pathfinders - como of wikis and flakes. Widgets like crazy from EBSCO, Gale, JSTOR FB widget, RSS feeds into pathfinders
  • Librarians for the world.
  • Valenza LitCrit wiki
  • Grab YouTube Video channel widget. Changes whenever new video is added. News politics on current events pathfinder/wiki.
  • Valenza's Assorted Widgets - Get database widgets here!
  • Build personal information portal. iGoogle create tabs with links and RSS feeds to help you in each subject. Create an info portal to help you. Good for teachers AND students. Send tab via email, but better everyone creates their own.
  • Pageflakes - highly recommended for pathfinders. Shop for bookmark flake and add links. Embed widgets - use anything widget to copy/paste other people's widgets. Powerful for building reserch pages. NYTimes widgets!
  • Social tags for pathfinder but can't embed.
  • Jog the Web - [ulles webpages together
Search Tools 2.0
  • Valenza's Tools for Search
  • Boolify - good for intro database search lessons
  • Semester long research - set up the search for them with RSS feed. Whenever something new is created EBSCO will push it to the student.
  • Google Squared - great for building context for searching using semantic search using meta tag. Very cool. Power for terms like "explorers", etc. Meta tags aren't perfect, but great for building context.
  • Google News Timeline
  • Google Show Options - Wonder Wheel vertical search turns it into horizontal search, related searches, timeline
  • WolframAlpha - semantic search, computations, not result list of documents
  • Wikisearches - search wikis for content
  • evaluation
  • accuracy and truth
Code of Best Practics in Fair Use for Media Literacy - IMPORTANT tool for reasoning fair use/practce in use of copyrighted material. More freedom than every. Use needs to add value to original work and repurpose it.
Fair Use songs on YouTube
Users Rights

Creative Commons
Valenza's copyright page

Blabberize - make images talk
Student art and research part of our collections

SlideShare - look for Joyce
ALA Best Web Sites / Tools

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