Friday, July 17, 2009

Library Barista

Libraries are a lot like coffee shops. People have their favorite places, but how much of that is really about the coffee? It's nice to have a daily routine, drop by, and have the barista already preparing your regular order, greeting you with a smile and a quip, welcoming you as well as setting you up with a good start to the day. Libraries have regulars, too. Good libraries know their regulars, anticipate their needs, and make everyone feel welcome.

The CCHS Library is no different. The morning scrum for library passes often feels like the queue at Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts. Students are a little stressed and focused on the day ahead. Knowing kids by name, knowing what block they will need and pulling it before they ask for it gives them that warm, coffee shop feeling. They are regulars, and we try to send them on their way with a warm feeling and a good start to their day.

So, what prompted this July reflection? I was working in the CCHS Library today, and it was cool, quiet, orderly and simply awful. No buzz, no crowds, no mess, no requests, no drama. I like a busy coffee shop.

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Starbucks cup by pixy-dust angel

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