Sunday, May 31, 2009

My dog ate my YouTube

If you are looking for bandwidth, don't come to the CCHS Library. It is being chewed up by proud students sharing their school video projects with each other via YouTube. Media production is in full force with students creating videos for everything from Earth Science to Foreign Languages to English classes. The library has been busy with students checking out Flip digital video cameras, downloading clips, and editing with iMovie. It is awesome! (Oh, yeah, there has been a lot of research going on, too.)

I find it incredibly exciting that students are using YouTube as a means to submit and showcase their media productions. The classroom teacher clicks a link and can quickly view or share student work on the ActivBoard. No worries about the DVD not loading, incompatibility, or damaged media. It is also so much easier for students to share their projects with each other and potentially, the world. This is one of the many ways we see Web 2.0 in action at CCHS.

P.S. Our bandwidth is terrific! Shout-out to our tech team - Gene, the Bobs, Ed, Peter and Derek. Thanks for taking care of the library.

Photo Credit:
Flickr Creative Commons

Tube Generation by GH.Planet-09

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