Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Friends

When times get tough you find out who your real friends are, and man, times are tough. The current fiscal situation for public schools in Massachusetts is dire. Teachers and support staff are being laid off, class sizes are going to increase, programming will be constricted, and students will feel the pain; but we all know this.

The CCHS Library book budget is drastically reduced for 09-10, and things do not look hopeful for the next few years. In light of staffing cuts and increased class size, cuts to the book budget are appropriate. Imagine what it meant when I received emails of support from the Concord Free Public Library, reaching out to offer assistance and strengthen an already strong partnership.

In the coming year I will be relying on the generosity and creativity of my colleagues at CFPL in working to maintain library and information services for the students and staff at CCHS. Thanks Barbara, Sue, Karen, Robin, Claire and the staff and Friends of CFPL. In tough times, you are true friends.

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