Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BLC09 - Keynote

Raw notes

Benjamin Zander - Keynote at BLC '09
TED Talk - Benjamin Zander on Music and Passion - WATCH THIS! It is only 20 minutes!
"The Art of Possibility" by B & R Zander - a book of practices

"The new leader is masterful at holding distinction" - ?
Gradual reduction of impulses - need categories of distinction. Education is the opening up of new categories, not just the transfer of information. aka "playing with one buttock."
music pushes player from off two to one buttock!
Happy Birthday
resignation - anger - possibility - which option will you choose? there is always possibility of being the conductor and leading the happy birthday chorus.

Out of the box thinking - comes from the connect the dots game (9 dots)
what assumptions am I making that I don't know that I'm making that give me what I see. What can I invent that will give me something new? We organize things into "boxes" so we can organize our lives. Need to create a new framework when confronted with a problem.

Rhythm of transformation is light - role of leadership is to set the rhythm of change. Remind players of the light rhythm of change, not the heavy rhythm of the status quo.

The next 30 years the most exciting in human history. What kind of world do we want? Constant comparison and measurement between students. Whispers of doubt from "the voice in the head." It talks incessantly and can drown out the music. Need strategies to drown out this voice. This anxiety inhibits greatness.

Strategy - let every student start with an A. Condition is that student writes within first 2 weeks of class a letter dated at end of class, stating who they have become and what they have achieved. Teach the person the describe in their letter. Only teach the A students. This transforms the relationship. "If there is a breakdown in the relationship it because you are not bringing someone an A." If there is a problem with a person, what grade" are you giving them We speak differently to a student not getting an A. It is only when you give an A to someone that you can tell them the truth. The A is the possibility the student can achieve. Is there a gap between student achievement and teacher standards?

11 minutes to love classical music. Chopin Prelude #4 in D minor. Transformation changes you for life. It is bout the journey, and the pleasure of finally getting home. Motivation is forgotten after 2 hours. ALAN NOVEMBER - we need to focus on transformation.

The White Sheet
A small white sheet left on each musician's stand asking what will help them perform better.
"Human beings in the presence of possibility have shining eyes." A conductor's power lies in making others powerful and to awaken possibility in other people. "Who am I being when my students eyes are not shining?" Ask student what will help them perform better.

Key to the Kingdom of Possibility
Rule # 6 - "Don't take yourself so seriously."

Downward spiral (wealth, fame power and the path to attain them) v. Radiating Possibility (where is the treasure? there are no steps - just stand in possibility)
Be open to possibility. The purpose of goals is to make our eyes shine. Make sure the goals are worthy of shining eyes. Not blame, fault, or threat. If people don't so what you want/need them to do, apologize to them for your failure to enroll/involve them.

3 Points to remember:
  • it's all invented
  • stand in possibility
  • rule #6
The leader sees the downward spiral and moves people to radiating possibility.

On waking, remind yourself that you are a contribution. It is a game you can play every day.
Exist in possibility.

Educators carry the sacred flame of possibility to the next generation.

Sing Beethoven's Ninth - in German.

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