Thursday, July 30, 2009

BLC 09 Day Two Key Note

Raw notes
Stephen Heppell
Beyond the Great Crash: Why Learning Should Never be the Same Again

Post-Google generation - email is obsolete
Social networking, IM preferred
Principal search engine YouTube - see "the stuff"
21st century - new pace graph > linear axis price, power, opportunity / linear axis > years - we are on exponential curve

Old Staircase decision pace: pilot, iterate, reflect, legislate, review
New pace based on mutuality

TrackStick tool for GPS tracking used with Google maps to teach math. Effective with Aspergers Spectrum students.

Towns: Market, St., Commercial St., High St. - shops collapsing. What is next for our town centers? Community dynamics are changing.

  • UK Brain training on Ninetendo DS - performance gone up. "It's cool to be brainy here."
  • Singapore - eduQuest for science experiments
  • Australia - students sitting in on undergraduate classes, closing staffrooms because everyone is a learner, don't segregate, mix with your students.
  • Denmark - shoeless schools. Ask kids, see what they say.
  • New Zealand - school designed for 5 year life span becaise they didn't know what the school of the future would look like.
  • East London - students do formal lesson observations, watching teachers teach and giving feedback. Initiative is called "making learning better." Generates engagement, creates "us-ness." Students attend staff meetings.
  • Leasowes School - 1 month timetable. One class for a month. Better results through immersion.
  • Praisepod - students who have done something special get slip to record their own excellence, videotaped, manned by peers, DVDs sent home. Changed school culture radically.
  • Hellerup School, Denmark - stairways are lecture spaces. New ideas for lecture space to make it more intimate.
Teaching methods as perceived by students:
  1. copying from book or board
  2. listening to teacher
Want to:
  1. work in groups
  2. learn parctical things
  3. work with friends
Students say literate teachers should be able to:
  • upload a video to Youtube and comment on one ther
  • Wikipaedia entry
  • choose safe payment sites
  • subscribe to podcast
  • use predictive text
New educational approaches - new vocabulary based on portfolio of metrics, community, evidence outcomes, personalisation. Student ingenuity, surprise, collegiate, engaged, inspired. Technology is allowing us to do this. Agile space, open ended time, open ended age, multi-disciplinary, project focus, learning spaces everywhere.

Bank Crisis (UK)
  • pursued short term goals
  • continued to do what they knew was wrong
  • mistook scale for effective
  • became distant from customers
  • failed to get cheaper despite technology
  • collapsed
Kenya banking done through mobile phones, transforming power relationship. Revolutionising banking in country where 80% of people were excluded.
technology + people = death of cartels Only ingenuity and value save you. UK community created "Bank of Essex".
Education industry is a form of cartel. Technology is eroding traditional schools from under our feet.

"Good parenting trumps psycho-pharmacology."
Mumology - curriculum supporting new Mums, repopulating rural communities be giving young mothers the support they need to remain in their community. Technology s transforming at-rsik communities.

National curriculum ludicrous in global society. Technology is allowing us to reach out across countries in new ways and capture best practice and good learning, as well as good people. Students need to be noticed for their learning, and valued worldwide.

20th century = global conflict
21st century = global learning - this is possible. We have the opportunity to change the world in this lifetime through education.

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