Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beyond Google - 15 Tips to Improve Searches

I pick up RSS feeds from educational sources, other bloggers and from personal recommendations. June Patton, CCHS Mathematics teacher and tech guru recommended Free Technology for Teachers and it has been an incredibly fruitful addition to my feed. I love my RSS feed. It is my source of information on new trends, education, social media, and challenges me to question and inquire on a daily basis.

This embed Beyond Google - Improve Your Search Results is a valuable tutorial for students as well as anyone looking for information in the Age of Information Abundance. A perfect example of the information that streams to me via my feed.

Beyond Google - 15 Tools and Strategies for Improving Your Web Search Results -

Educational bloggers are wonderful people. My online life is a place of incredible generosity, sharing, serendipity, accompanied by a corresponding demand for excellence. Yup, love my feed!


Photo Credit:
Flickr Creative Commons: January 10, 2009
by Tiger Pixel

New Google Favicon High Resolution

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