Thursday, September 17, 2009

Does R. Kelly croon?

The CCHS Library is often a battle ground for fierce debate. The most recent difference of opinion centered around R & B artist R. Kelly. "Does R. Kelly croon?" One young man said yes, the other declared no. I was called upon to adjudicate.

First step, define "croon".

Oxford English Dictionary:
croon v. To utter a low murmuring sound; to sing (or speak) in a low murmuring tone; to hum softly. spec. to sing popular sentimental songs in a low, smooth voice, esp. into a closely-held microphone

Next stop, Google. The crooning advocate suggested a search using the keywords "Does R. Kelly croon?" I almost choked. What kind of search was this? Had I taught this student nothing? "Don't worry, Mrs. C. This is a good way to find discussion threads in fan forums." He was right on the search strategy, because we quickly found a couple of nice forums, but nothing on crooning. Well, that isn't entirely correct. One post said R. Kelly put the mike to his crotch and it crooned. Terrific.

Final stop in the great G block R. Kelly debate? The Magic 8 Ball on my desk. "My sources say no". It is definitive that R. Kelly is not a crooner.

We have another storm brewing, though. Are zombies the new werewolves? This one could get nasty. I better keep the Magic 8 Ball within reach.

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