Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

This is the funniest, sweetest 42 minute Internet musical you will ever want to see. Dr. Horrible (Neal Patrick Harris) wants to join the Evil League of Evil. As an aspiring super-villain, be battles his nemesis Captain Hammer (who is a little too awesome for words) to win the heart of Penny, the girl of his dreams. One of his buddies (who, alas, will probably never get further than henchman status) is known as Moist. His power is to dampen things slightly. You can't help but root for Dr. Horrible. My daughter sent me the YouTube link via Facebook, where you can see the whole thing in little installments. I also found it on both Vimeo and Hulu, where I can watch it without interruptions. There is a short commercial break in Hulu, but I can live with this as small cost for free access. So, why blog about this oddly appealing video musical? Because I can access it quickly, for free, pass it along, and add it the list of tools for teachers and students to find and share media content. It is also a great little musical! Visit the fan site!

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