Sunday, December 14, 2008

Slife - How much time do YOU spend online?

Well, this is a unique post because 1) I added two new blog tags - life, and RSS feed and 2) it will help me assess how much of my life I devote to online activity.

This site came to my attention via Wes Fryer's blog At the Speed of Creativity. Wes was a keynote speaker at the most recent Massachusetts School Library Association conference, and because I liked what he had to say, I put his blog in my RSS feed. This is an example of why I like Wes and his most recent post, and why I love my RSS feed.

Slife is an analysis site that states "Time flies. With Slife, you find out where it goes." I love data. You can't argue with the picture that good data paints. Whether you want to assess how much time you spend online and how you are allocating this time (Family dinner hour? Not good.) or you want to enter into an informed, data driven discussion with your child about his or her online life and the Facebook/homework ratio, this is the kind of web application that can help you craft an informed discussion. Link

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