Thursday, June 10, 2010

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 Under the category of digital "footprint", what DOES your email address say about you? I don't really get this blog (The Oatmeal) but the graphic is great (click to enlarge), and the concept compelling.

@owndomain = skilled and capable techno-wizard = pretty tech savvy = still thinks MySpace is hip (haha - I liked that one) = types in capslocks and forwards alarming emails about conspiracies = prints emails out and brings them to your house for you to read

This is an interesting time in communication. Many educational institutions are doing away with their email platforms in favor of Gmail or just leaving it up to students. Email is already seen as dated and an outmoded technology. Social media platforms, wikis, Moodles and the ubiquitous cell phone texting have eclipsed email.

The question is, who is teaching communication conventions? Letter writing used to be taught in the classroom. I have vivid memories of lined paper and various forms of "salutations". Is "Yo" an acceptable salutation these days? If we polled students I think we would get a unanimous "du-uh".

I have a gmail account. Am feeling good about my placement on the chart.

Source articles:
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The Oatmeal: What your email address says about your computer skills

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Flickr Creative Commons
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