Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The next time somebody complains about student behavior I'm going to point them toward the King's Lynn Library in Norfolk County, U.K.

The staff are described as being "terrorized and tormented" by screaming children who were engaged in "anti-social behavior". Unfortunately, police were unresponsive and the staff was at wits end.

What did they do? The local council hired a "bouncer" to patrol the library three days per week for six weeks.

I am happy to report that while our students sometimes exhibit bouts of "over-enthusiasm", they are a really nice bunch of kids. Typical behavior issues we face:
  1. excessive chattiness and hyper-socialization (no books in sight, no intention of doing anything productive other than distract everyone else)
  2. snacks that are really meals (snack are OK, but if it involves eating utensils, condiments and two hands it is a meal and should be eaten in the cafeteria)
  3. socializing in the silent and individual study area - we keep this area for students who really, really need a place for focused, quiet study
  4. using a computer for non-school activities when there is a line of students waiting for access 
  5. printing out class sets of Powerpoint and presentations and sucking the toner dry (printing on this scale is expected to be done at home)
We will not be requesting a line item for bouncer in the budget - this year, anyway ;)

Council Hires Bouncer for Library



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