Thursday, May 20, 2010

Waving emphatically!

I was so excited to get a beta invitation to Google Wave. Immediately I invited a few other friends and colleagues, and was then so disappointed when all we did was wave back and forth at each other, pinging furiously. We weren't collaborating on a project,  so it's power as a collaborative platform was simply not utilized. How exciting that Google has opened the gates:

Google Wave Available for Everyone - Google Wave Blog

We are not a GoogleApps school, but this is exactly one of the very enticing platforms that makes me cast longing glances at districts (and STATES!) that have made the jump. I am a big advocate of Diigo, Evernote and NoodleTools as collaborative platforms, but the ubiquity of Google makes it incredibly relevant to the daily practice of students. It was also designed to be a collaborative work environment, perfect as a place for students to gather, store, organize and pull their work together.

As usual, this Google video is clever and really "hits the nail on the head." ;)

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