Thursday, October 29, 2009

Footprints in the Digital Realm: A journey of becoming a 21st century teacher

MassCue Session 7 – 2:00 – 2:50
Footprints in the Digital Realm: A journey of becoming a 21st century teacher
Fred Haas, English Teacher, Hopkinton HS

akh003@Twitter & Slideshare

21st Century Skills? Tech is ubiquitous, and this is te change. Kids have more time to spend on learning apps.
Catching up or Leading the Way - This remarkable book will forever change the debate about what's wrong and what's right with American education and where it should be going. Based on his own experience as a student in China and as a parent of children attending school in the United States, Zhao skewers conventional wisdom while setting straight the recent history and current state of US schools.

3Cs - communication, collaboration, cultural understanding - always the business of education, but today these are premium skills for global success.
Flattened social hierarchy - people more accessible.
The smartest person in the room is the room.
Complex does not have to be complicated. Goal is complex thinking, complex application of skills.

Expand notion of what you call a text. Graphic images - need skills to decode multiple visual formats: spreadsheets, image, data sources, graphic sources etc.

Convergence is already here delivering multiple formats > evolution

Live> print > analog > digital > media evolution
Core literacy > expanded literacy
text is anything that is "readable" - from which you can extract information

Good resources:
Confronting the challenges of participatory culture, Henry Jenkins. Seminal work on 21st century skills.

College Board AP Central - English & History

Moving at the Speed of Creativity
, Wes Fryer.

Empowering Students Through Multimedia, Marco Torres.

It's not about technology as much as it is about how technology impacts the way we think.

Personal Learning Environment - bigger than a community, a range of skills, knowledge and people. Have to take the time to play with these new tools. Application of these tools is a creative enterprise. You control the speed - go slow, go fast, just GO!

Big Tools:
  • RSS feed - required (really simple syndication) (1999)
  • Pageflakes
  • podcast - iTunes, Odeo, Podomatic (2000)
  • Ning - Classrom 2.0, James Burke - English Companion, MIT - Project New Media Literacies, Connie Weber - Fireside Learning (small, intimate) (2004)
  • YouTube (2005)
  • Twitter (2006)
Tools: YouTube - good stuff, keeps getting better all the time.
Tools: Twitter
You can follow an event from a distance and get great information.
  • real-time short messaging
  • following - establishes network and value of network
  • being followed
  • 3rd party extensions
Everything is changing so fast, it is all new, we are all novices.

Age of Meta Data

FlatClassroom Project
Classrooms from around the world participating.
2 big componenet:
kids develop collaborative wiki space - inspired by Friedman and Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind - collectively collect and edit about these topics.
Kids make video related to their topic, POV


"The thing about working on the bleeding edge is sometimes you bleed." - V. Davis

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