Thursday, October 29, 2009

Classroom Twittering

MassCue Session 5 – 10:00 – 10:55
Classroom Twittering
Michael Purdy, Director of Technology, Hanover Public Schools
(also good resource to discuss Google Apps for Schools)

Twitter creator on Iran: "I never intended for Twitter to be useful." Jack Dorsey - The Onion (6.24.09)

25-40 year olds are most active on Twitter.

Twitter is micro-blogging (140 characters).

Lifeblogging: Is a virtual brain good for the real one?

Proof! Mobile microbloggers are boring...

Lifebloggers track their every move, every word, every document with computers to create a personalized and machine-readable memory archive. Skeptics argue that no one wants to remember this much.

Why tweet?
  • instantaneous
  • direct
  • feels personal
  • searchable
  • available and flexible
Terminology / How-to:
  • delete your account (it is a consumable product, can delete easily)
  • direct message (D)
  • @message
  • Retweet (RT)
  • Hashtag (#)
  • URL shorteners
Block unwanted followers - porn trawlers will follow you.

  • email addresses: get a gmail acccount and use "aliases" to have more than one account to mail to
  • student email - huge issue in Web 2.0 world
Hanover PS uses Twitter for:
  • job postings
  • each school has an account for easy notification of parents who follow the school
(note to self: set up Twitter acct for library)

Teacher as Professional Learner
  • self-reflection on teaching process
  • member of prof learning community
General Education
  • student poses question regarding class
  • students consult one another about homework or other issues (student experts)
  • create a review space for quizzes, tests that can accumulate as students head towards midterms or finals
Precis Writing
Condense "Self-Reliance" by Ralph Waldo Emerson into 140 characters - good use of Twitter. Teaches incisive writing and thinking, main idea, key points, sentence combining.

Grammar / Vocabulary
  • have students punctuate a paragraph that has punctuation removed
  • have students write a sentence that properly illustrates the meaning of a vocabulary words
  • students microblog as characters from within a literary work; they must reveal the motivation of character as it relates to plot
  • students create online lexicon of literary terms covered in class with examples from the reading
  • Twitter book club
  • rewrite a play capturing its essence
  • follow tweets of historical occurrences
  • journalism classes can report on school-based news events as they happen
  • journalism report events outside school
  • debate assigned topics within twitter forum
Social Studies
  • explain main point of great speeches
  • create a study site of these speeches with interpretation
  • students microblog in real time from an historical event ex the Kennedy assassination or Gettysburg, or Normandy
  • report science experiments
  • first student to solve problem
  • students challenge each other
  • daily math fluency
Foreign Language
  • discussions in foreign language
  • teach phrases
  • outreach to ELL
Film/TV Study
  • Students watch films/programs looking for specific instances of ex irony, symblism etc. they can tweet as the recognize occurences inwhat they watch
  • tweet during sports event - reporting
  • pictures can be included in tweets
  • create a sports network within school
Lots of ideas!

Photo Credit:
"Meet Mr. Twitters"
Roz Chast
The New Yorker, 8.31.09
The CartoonBank

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