Friday, August 14, 2009

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a new buzz word that has been cropping up quite a bit lately. Briefly, it is a self-configuring, wireless network of objects, typically household appliances. The iPhone is leading the charge in rolling out the Internet of Things, and this nifty little app is a great example.

Using WideNoise, you can monitor sound levels with the microphone on your iPhone. If you choose, the results of your sound check will be uploaded to the network and added to real-time sound detections, as well as the sound database. Why is this useful? If you are buying property you could check and see if the area is "feather quiet", "sleeping cat quiet", or a more alarming designation like "rock concert area".

Aside from issues relating to sound, the Internet of Things is emerging in kitchen appliances, RFID-enabled technology, and goodness knows what else. In a few years time my refrigerator might update a grocery list app on my iPhone that I need more cheddar cheese, that my milk is nearing its sell by date, and that I haven't been buying enough fresh fruit and vegetables lately. If it tells me to put those cupcakes back on the shelf I'll swear off technology forever.

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