Saturday, April 25, 2009

What I Read Over April Vacation

How did I spending my April vacation? I read so many wonderful books! When students come to the library looking for HELP (and I mean S.O.S. I gotta have a book in my hands when I leave here!!!) in choosing a book, it makes a big difference when I can say that I recommend a title because I have read it myself. The book suddenly has street cred. Kids aren't stupid. If you couldn't be bothered to read it, why should they?

This means I read a wide variety of titles. SciFi, urban lit, coming-of-age, sports, chick lit, nonfiction, Pultizer Prize, National Book Award, Printz Award, NY Times list, People magazine top ten, you name it. April vacation is also a time for going over the summer book order which entails pouring over review journals like VOYA and School Library Journal. Predicting what books will appeal to students, support curriculum or be of personal interest, or be the next big thing, like Twilight, is always a really fun challenge. A little extra in the library book budget would help - but no complaints.

So, how did I spend my April vacation? No gardening, no window cleaning, no massive house projects. I read. A lot. Stop by the library and I can suggest a few titles.

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