Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Novel Use for Cell Phones (get it?)

86 percent of Japanese high school students read Mobile Phone Novels. Think about it. Cell phone are the leading outlet for new novel publications (Cell Phones Put to Novel Use). New novels are being written especially with this format in mind. Are people reading less, or more? Or are they just reading differently?

My experience with Kindle profoundly changed how I define "reading". Truly, I couldn't get the concept of digital paper and electronic reading devices. Then I read The Tale of Edgar Sawtelle on my new Kindle, and found myself disappearing into the text. Shockingly, I found I preferred reading on the Kindle. It was lighter, easier to angle, and more intimate than the bulky hardcover. So, yeah, I am totally open to the idea of reading a novel on a cell phone.

Here's a shout out to Daniel Pink's blog for getting me thinking about this.

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