Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I still don't really get Twitter

I've tried. I still don't get Twitter. I think it is one of those things where you need critical mass. I follow people who seem to have this critical mass, because they are twittering and tweeting back and forth with a vast group of people. In the morning before school I run on the treadmill and watch CNN. Don Lemon twitters, and asks people watching to tweet comments and he posts some of them. I also follow people who travel and present at conferences around the world. They tweet about getting stuck in airports, not being able to connect to the wireless at their conference, meeting up for coffee - mostly I feel like a creepy stalker. There are people out there who can pack a lot of content into 140 characters.

This video clip from the BBC is from Stephen Fry, who really embraces Twitter.
BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Stephen Fry on joys of Twitter

I'll hang in there, but it is starting to feel less and less click-worthy.

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