Tuesday, November 2, 2010

National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month came to my attention today, 11.1.01. What auspicious numbers! And what a great program. Thirty days and night of literary abandon sounds good to me, and it will be great for our students who are serious writers.

The most appealing part is the focus on daily writing within a supportive, virtual community of writers. I would love our learning commons to be home to our writers. This year will be an investigation year, learning about the program and hopefully partnering with English teachers introducing it to their classes.

If all goes well I'd like to support the program in an organized roll-out next year. What a great experience for students, as well as a way to credential themselves in a writing activity.

I am not a novelist. For me November will be dedicated to blogging daily here or on my other blog, Robin is busy reading. That blog is focused on my reading life and is a little more personal. It has also languished in recent months.

Writing keeps me engaged and thinking. It is easy to throw up my hands when things get busy. Not this month! I am looking forward to focusing my energies on pushing out daily content every day for a thirty days. I hope our students will as well.

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