Thursday, December 6, 2007


Library collections are a lot like gardens. They are dynamic, they change, they grow, and they can become cluttered and overrun with old growth. Like gardens, library collections need to be regularly weeded.
The CCHS Library staff has been busily pulling out-dated and damaged titles from the collection. Example of recent weeds are a dictionary from 1966 with multiple pages missing or torn. There was no mention of the Internet in this dictionary.
Nonfiction books relating to the sciences dating as far back as the 1910's have been removed. Books that have been on the shelves for 30+ years without ever being checked out have been removed.
Book lovers cringe when books are removed, but not all books are worth retaining. The mission of the CCHS Library is to support curriculum, and student learning. Having an appropriate and relevant collection is an important piece that allows us to meet our mission.


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