Friday, November 16, 2007

Five Year Plan - Massachusetts Board of Library Commisioners (MBLC)

Our big project this year is to write a comprehensive 5 year plan, for submission to the MBLC. Once accepted, this will allow us to apply for a wide range of state and federal library grants that would otherwise not be available to us.
The 5 Year Plan is a wonderful tool for planning for the future and better serving the needs of students at CCHS. To accmplish this, we are assembling a board of advisors. Students, faculty, parents, and school administration will provide feedback and guidance through a series of meetings.
To make the process as engaging as well as painless as possible, the project will be run through a wiki. Wikis are collaborative websites that allow people to post ideas, edit documents and exchange opinions. Our wiki will allow us to have virtual meetings and get the most out of our face-to-face committee meetings.


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