Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Banner ducks!

For some people a certain groundhog is the harbinger of spring. For others it is Red Sox Truck Day - the day they pack up the gear at Fenway for the drive to Fort Meyers and the start of spring training.

For me, it is the Sophomore English research paper, and citation assessment.  After an epic session assessing what felt like the entire Sophomore class, I decided I had gone a little too deep down the librarian rabbit hole.

So I checked in on Facebook.

THEN I saw the feed from my brother-in-law (Thomaaaaas!) and the night was shot to Primary subject/Secondary subject fun and foolishness.

The  Random Paragraph Generator is such a cool little site! Branded as a "creativity generator" this might be useful for English writing classes, but honestly, I just thought it was a heck of a blast! Given my citation-altered state, I give you some random paragraphs and the primary/secondary words that generated the following paragraphs.

The other funky thing (I already owned that I am in citation assessment mode, so go with it.) is the url:

Snakes.com is a very fun site with three categories of "creativity tools". 
  1. Brainstorming
  2. Random generators
  3. Name finder
Anyway, check out some examples on the "Random Paragraph Generator": 

Primary: library
Secondary: research
"Will library mend within research? Library gears research past the aunt. Why does research trade library? A banner ducks! Research argues next to library."

Primary: citation
Secondary: bibliography
"Citation hashes bibliography. Bibliography strikes. Bibliography leaps upon the genetics before the hope. The increasing inheritance ascends outside the controversial glow."

Wishing everyone a banner ducks spring!

Photo Credit:
Via Wylio
Rubber ducks with sunglasses

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Anonymous Thomaaaaassssss said...

so...am I contributing to education or delinquency?

February 8, 2011 at 6:40 PM  
Blogger Robin Cicchetti said...

Education. Definitely. By way of delinquency - in a good, educational way.

February 8, 2011 at 10:44 PM  

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